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New and Used Forklifts

Mobilize your workforce and products with lift equipment. When you need to get personnel and material quickly from point A to B or from the floor to the ceiling, utilize the right piece of lift equipment for the job. Forklifts, personnel carriers, lift tables and stackers increase efficiency and safety.

What to Look for in a Used Forklift

Check the hour meter reading to determine how much life the forklift has left.
Smooth operation is very important when testing used forklifts. If binding or slippage is noticed the machine should be avoided.
Allow the machine to warm up and then thoroughly check for any leaks. A leak that requires repair could offset the savings of a used forklift.
Make sure that tires do not have excessive or uneven wear. Also check for misaligned or bent axles.
Ensure that the mast is fully functional at capacity, and without a load.

Types of Forklifts

3 Wheel Forklifts have two wheels in front and one wheel centered in the rear, giving it a tighter turning radius than 4 wheel forklifts. Especially useful for tight corners and functioning in a small area.

4 Wheel Forklifts are the most versatile, operating on propane, electric, diesel or gasoline engines and rolling on cushion or pneumatic tires.

Order Pickers let you pick products directly from your top storage levels. The stand-up cab of an order picker lift moves up and down along with the load, elevating the operator to the height of the storage location.

Reach Trucks and Narrow Aisle Forklifts are equipped with outriggers on the front and telescoping forks that extend. These lifts allow you to place and pick pallets from your narrow aisle and double-deep pallet rack systems.

Side Loaders load and unload from one side, letting you transport your long materials, bar stock, tubing, lumber and steel with ease. Often electrically powered, side loaders are for indoor use in very narrow-aisle and bulk storage systems.

Stand-Up Counterbalance Forklifts allow for easy operator entry and exit, improving productivity when the worker needs to load and unload often. Quickly load and unload tractor-trailer trucks.

Turret Trucks, swing mast forklifts and very narrow aisle forklifts, give an operator the ability to rotate an entire pallet load 90 degrees to the left or right, without turning the forklift. Navigate your narrow-aisle pallet rack systems. 

Forklift Attachments

Enhance the capabilities of your forklift with forklift attachments. A variety of attachments are available to lift, handle and load specific items and materials.


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