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T-Bolt Pallet Rack

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42" x 360" Used T-Bolt Upright

Item #: 105004

3 in stock KC

Price: $149.98

Pallet Rack Used
42" x 96" Used T-Bolt Upright

Item #: 170526

2 in stock KC

Price: $49.98

Pallet Rack Used
42" x 216" Used T-Bolt Upright

Item #: 140989

1 in stock KC

Price: $99.98

Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used

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T-Bolt Pallet Rack

Used T-Bolt Pallet Rack

Made by materials handling equipment company Unarco, the patented T-Bolt design allows for superior locking functionality in a pallet rack. The T-Bolt is one of the most widely used solutions for pallet racking in the industry, and it provides rigid strength in an easily installed system.

During installation, our team simply needs to insert the T-Bolt head into the beam connector and column. With a quarter turn, the T-Bolt is locked into place for continuous support over time. The nut tightens from the front, eliminating the need for a cramped, traditional bolt system.

If your company is looking for a quick solution to start moving inventory quickly, consider the T-Bolt from Unarco. It’s easy, affordable, and economical to purchase and install. During the installation process, a mark on the bolt lets workers know when the system has been engaged and is in the locked position. When the line on the bolt is horizontal, the pallet rack beam is secure in its place.

For those concerned about the bolt disengaging under heavy loads, the patented locking system also features a T-Bolt pallet rack connector, which can be secured to handle 90 foot-pounds of torque. Once a pallet bay has been assembled with the T-Bolt solution on the ground, it can be raised to the appropriate height. This installation feature makes installation quick and safe for your crew.


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