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Selective Pallet Rack

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Selective Pallet Rack

New and Used Selective Pallet Rack

Categorize, store and ship your quick turning inventory with the most common pallet racking system, selective pallet rack. Selective pallet racks allow you to pick an entire pallet or a single case at any time or any location. Organized in single or back-to-back aisles, selective pallet racks consist of two main components that are priced and sold separately: uprights and beams.

Teardrop Compatibility- Ordering New and Old Style Teardrop Beams and Uprights can be confusing. Our new Teardrop Beams and Uprights are compatible with most other used and new Teardrop Beams and Uprights. If you move into our Used options, remember these guidelines:

Old Style Teardrop Beams + New Style Teardrop Uprights = NO
Old Style Teardrop Beams + Old Style Teardrop Uprights = YES
New Style Teardrop Beams + New Style Teardrop Uprights = YES
New Style Teardrop Beams + Old Style Teardrop Uprights = YES

Selective Pallet Rack FAQs

Q. Why should I choose selective rack?
A. Selective pallet rack is the most popular and widely used racking system sold today. It provides flexibility for customers to store material from small hand stack items to pallets and oversized product. Selective pallet rack can also be easily configured and reconfigured if your needs change.

Q. What types of selective rack are available?
A. Selective pallet rack generally is sold in two types: structural steel and roll-formed steel options.

Q. What roll-formed pallet rack options to you offer?
A. We offer a wide selection of new, used, and reconditioned selective rack options but the most popular option is Teardrop style. We also stock other styles if you are trying to match material that you already have or if you are working under budget constraints. Some of the other styles include T-bolt, Speedrack, Keystone, Ridg-U-Rak, and Slotted Sturdi-built just to name a few.

Q. What type of rack do you recommend for heavy pallets?
A. We recommend a structural selective pallet rack solution for heavy application, but a reinforced rolled form option may work as well depending on the size and weights of your product.


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