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Mobile Aisle Shelving

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Mobile Aisle Shelving

Why Mobile Aisle Shelving?

Mobile aisle shelving is the solution to your high density storage problems. Traditional shelving systems require a clear aisle between each row of shelving for item access. With a mobile aisle shelving, the system is mounted on a base of fixed tracks which allows rows to independently move forward and backward. With this system, aisles are opened for item access one at a time, increasing your storage space by 50%.

Mobile aisle shelving can keep costs down by better utilizing the space of smaller premises. With mobile systems, you can reduce your shelf space by half, allowing you to free up space for other needs such as desks and cubicles, or you can double your storage capacity using the same footprint a traditional shelving systems, a 100% increase. The key here is storing more in less space. Talk to our knowledgeable staff today about converting your shelving system into a mobile aisle shelving system.


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