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Auto Storage Racks & Tire Shelving

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Tire Rack Storage and Shelving

Keep your inventory organized and easily accessible with specialized tire and auto storage solutions. These heavy duty shelving options are designed specifically for tires, batteries and mufflers. We offer a wide variety of types and styles of tire shelving, including boltless, wall mount, folding and more.

Making the most of your warehouse or garage space with our custom configurations, which allow you to create the perfect storage system to meet your business needs. We’re here to answer any questions that you might have about your particular configuration, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our in-house design experts today.

Auto Storage Racks FAQs

Q. What keeps tires from rolling off the shelf of the tire rack?
A. All of our units are designed with an angled beam to securely hold the tires in place.

Q. How many levels of tires can I store?
A. In general, units are available in 2 to 6 tiers in height, depending on the tire sizes. Multi-level / catwalk systems are also available.

Q. Do you offer mobile tire rack units?
A. Yes, we do offer mobile tire racks. The tire racks can be outfitted with casters to provide greater flexibility on rack location.


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