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Barrel Rack

Store your wine, whiskey & vodka casks on this customized storage racking. Barrel rack, barrel storage rack & cask racking, helps in the aging process, allowing you to securely store inventory for years.

Stacking barrels in a pyramid shape has been a storage method forever. But the pyramid method has big drawbacks:

  • Inefficient use of vertical storage space
  • Accessibility issues, as you can only access one barrel without handling more
  • Leaking problems caused by the weight of casks over time

Barrel storage rack addresses each of these issues:

  • Fully utilizes vertical storage space
  • Greater selectivity for picking each barrel individually
  • No leaks as the weight of the casks rest on the racks, not the casks themselves

Warehouse1 has customized barrel & cask racking for all sizes of barrels and casks. Contact us for a quote.

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