Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine, 3000 lb. Capacity

Handle-It stretch wrapper for 20 inch machine film size. 600 series features manually adjustable film tension, 110v plug in power source.

  • Max average 35 loads per day

  • Integrated control board makes repair and diagnosis easier, reducing down time

  • Three programmable modes, multiple save parameters and cycles

  • Photo eye sensor, automatic load height detection

  • Non stock item. Ships from factory. Freight charges apply.

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Item : DS 714001
Condition: New
Style: Stretch Wrap Machines
Size: 93.00"L x 60.00"W x 86.00"H
Capacity: 3000 lbs.
Weight: 600.00 LBS.
Color: Mixed
Mfg: Handle-It
Mfg Part #: SWM-SA-0600
Lead time to ship: 2-3 weeks from Factory
Price: $4,700.00

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