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Security Storage

New and Used Warehouse Security Storage

Protect your products and employees from harm. Security storage equipment such as wire partitions, security cages and weapons lockers keep your most important investments from being damaged or stolen.

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Security Storage FAQs

Q. What types of security storage systems do you sell?
A. Full security cages are the most popular style of system that we sell, but some clients also select wire partitions to secure an area of their facility at a lower cost. We also sell specialty products to secure other high value items and data centers.

Q. What options are available with a full security cage system?
A. We can design a security system to suit your needs. Some clients select a full 4 wall system with ceiling and a gate and other clients choose to place the cage against a wall or the corner of the facility to save on the number of cage walls. We offer many different door and gate options for your security cage. Our in-house design experts will help you design the cage that meets your specific needs and budget.

Q. When would wire partitions be a good option?
A. Wire partitions are an excellent option to divide an area of shelving or pallet rack from the rest of the facility. If you have high-value items that you need to secure with a lock and key, the full security cage is the way to go.

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