Warehouse Design & Layout Services: Making the Most of Your Storage Space

Most people who work in large storage facilities like warehouses don’t think much about design. It’s true that warehouses are prized more for functionality than aesthetics. However, if you want an efficient warehouse, you need to design it to fit your inventory, equipment needs, and business goals. Here at Warehouse1, we design warehouses based on all these factors. Our quality designs ensure your warehouse always functions well.

Specifications and Codes 

Before Warehouse1 helps you design storage and handling systems, our staff examines the conditions of your warehouse. We work closely with building code officials, ensuring your warehouse and its systems are healthy and safe. If your building or systems are not up to code, we can suggest practical, safe, cost-effective changes. In addition, we’ll examine your inventory to determine what storage systems will keep it in the best condition until it’s ready to be shipped out. For example, pallet flow or carton flow racks may be best for you if you must move inventory quickly or work on a last-in, first-out system.

EquipmentWire Deck

The type of equipment you use will influence the storage system design you need. For example, if you use large, gas-powered forklifts, you might need wire mesh or mezzanine decking to keep inventory out of the way while pallets are being loaded. If you use smaller equipment or vehicles that can’t be driven into the warehouse, your storage system must flow freely onto the loading dock. Consider selective racks rather than pushback or flow racks; pushback and flow designs can stand several feet high and block loading dock access.

Warehouse Dimensions

The layout you need depends heavily on the space you have. If your warehouse is small with narrow aisles, you should free up as much room as possible for workers to move safely. Avoid using drive-through racks or gas-powered forklifts since they can block entrances and exits. This equipment also makes it difficult to load inventory quickly and efficiently in tight quarters. If you have plenty of space, ask us about drive-through racks and pushback or flow storage systems. These minimize safety issues often found on loading docks and make it possible to move more inventory per day.

Business Goals

Finally, your warehouse layout will depend on your business goals. If your warehouse stocks food, it’s probably your goal to deliver as much inventory as possible while keeping it fresh and appetizing. You’ll need a layout that supports temperature control and ensures as much inventory as possible can be moved during the workday. If your warehouse stores electronics, your goal might be to keep up with the latest technology. You’ll need a system that allows you to unload obsolete inventory quickly so you can get improved models into customers’ hands.

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