7 Tips to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Growing customer demands are quickly changing the materials handling industry. Transportation logistics and warehousing companies have to constantly modify their daily work strategies and behaviors to meet ever-changing goals. Innovative warehousing companies are using this as an opportunity to streamline their processes in an effort to cut out the competition.

Here are 7 ways warehouses can improve their efficiency: 7 tips for Warehouse Efficiency

  • Evaluate storage solutions – An effective storage solution is the basis for all of the work that takes place in a warehousing facility. If employees have to wander around aisles or search through bins for product, it eats into overall productivity. Implement a storage system that works for the goods that you move most frequently.
  • Optimize your storage solution – A good storage solution doesn’t necessarily make a warehouse more efficient. It also needs to be organized properly. Constantly evaluate product flow and warehouse traffic to improve how your product is transferred, stored, and retrieved, and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Invest in technology – Technology can help you with every aspect of the warehouse workday. Look for comprehensive solutions that work together synergistically to deliver accurate and relevant information. Technology solutions can organize orders, automate repetitive tasks, and streamline picking and transferal processes. Most technology solutions have easy to use apps that can be used on the floor wherever employees are working.
  • Maintain equipment – Equipment that breaks down often hinders workflow. Replace equipment that doesn’t yield the appropriate results and maintain working equipment with standardized procedures. A down forklift, conveyor belt, or other machinery can halt warehousing flow for hours, creating preventable downtime.
  • Optimize containerization – Instead of having several different shipping container options on hand, narrow the choices down to 2 or 3 and use an alternative solution for irregular product needs. A limited choice eliminates the time employees may spend trying to find the right sized container for the job.
  • Measure and analyze performance – Take the time to report on daily performance and run analytics to find areas that can be improved. Keeping track of daily workflow offers a unique perspective on monthly, quarterly, and yearly performance. Use the data to make necessary changes.
  • Cross train employees – Employees who know how to do more than one job can fill in for other workers during busy times or for absentees. Keep a warehouse running by encouraging workers to learn new skills on-the-job.

Following a few of these tips can improve efficiency every day and lead to a higher return. For more information on storage solutions that can help you improve warehouse efficiency, contact Warehouse1 today.

July 16, 2015

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