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Used Pallet Rack: Why is Style Important?

What Are the Benefits of Buying Used Pallet Racks?

Teardrop Style Used Pallet Racks Buying used pallet racks has many advantages over purchasing new pallet racks.  We go into more detail on the benefits of buying used pallet racks here and suggest you start there if you’re a first time customer.

The number one advantage of buying used pallet racks is the size of your wallet after the purchase. New pallet racks can be expensive, so buying used can create big savings for your business. However, in addition to buying used, there are other factors to consider when looking to cut costs.

In the material handling industry, shipping becomes a large factor in the purchasing and selling due to to the size and quantity of products. Consequently, the availability of certain manufactures and styles are based on location.

Warehouse1 addresses these concerns with affordable shipping to every state in the U.S. The most common types of systems used are structural and teardrop racks. These are the styles you would see you see in your local home improvement or wholesale club stores.

Many manufacturers across the country make teardrop and structural styles and offer them to dealers nationwide, so availability of these styles are high. Other styles, like Ridg-U-Rak slotted pallet racks, are made solely by one manufacturer, therefore limiting the availability to customers. With the largest in-stock inventory in the Midwest, Warehouse1 has high availability on all styles of used pallet racks.

How Can I determine the Best Style of Used Pallet Racks for Me?

The style of pallet racks you need can depends on your business plans. If you are purchasing racks and do not believe you will add or change rack systems in the future, the style of pallet racks you choose should not be factor.

You will save money buying a less common style due to the supply and demand relationship for dealers. On the other hand, if you have big expansion dreams for your warehouse, or if you just destroy your pallet racks every year, you will likely want to invest in the most common rack styles in your area.

Using a common style means it is likely in stock at a dealer near you, resulting in low shipping costs. This will make modifying your warehouse easier and cheaper as your business grows.

Contact Warehouse1 today and we can discuss what options work best for you. With our in-house experts and the largest inventory in the Midwest, we can help you decide what styles of used pallet racks you need for your warehouse and your wallet! Used Pallet Rack at Warehouse1  

By Gary Selvera On October 20, 2016


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