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New and Used Structural Pallet Rack

A structural pallet rack can be assembled in a variety of configurations and is a type of rack construction rather than a brand or configuration style. For warehousing areas that are subject to seismic activity, a structural pallet rack offers protective impact resistance and maximum support and should always be installed by teams of professionals. Heavy materials add support to your inventory, minimizing the damage associated with earthquakes.

If your warehouse is accustomed to fast moving inventory, a structural pallet rack may work well in your space. These pallet racks provide easy access to pallets while maintaining its integrity against lift truck impact damage over time. Many distribution centers, refrigerated warehouses, and other fast moving centers in earthquake prone regions rely on structural pallet racks to provide consistent strength and protection for their inventory.

Warehouse1 offers one of the largest inventories of new and used products in the materials handling industry. All of our used materials in structural pallet rack solutions are carefully evaluated and/or refurbished for structural integrity and performance. Our customers get the best of both worlds with economical pricing and value over time when they choose to work with our team for structural pallet rack solutions.

All of our used equipment has been quality checked for structural integrity, but it has not been repainted. It may look more worn than its new or refurbished counterparts. When we refurbish parts for selling, we put each component through a comprehensive 5-step process to ensure safety and performance at the lowest possible price.


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