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Drive In Pallet Rack & Drive Through Pallet Rack

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Drive In and Drive Through Pallet Racks

Make the most of your warehouse space by installing pallet racks that you can drive in and through. These pallet racks make storing large quantities of product easy and affordable. When using drive-in and drive-through pallet racks, your company could see an increase of 75% more storage space compared to the use of traditional racks.

When you choose a partner like Warehouse1 for your pallet rack design, you can count on precision engineering and industry expertise to help you choose a system that works best for your needs. As part of our process, we calculate various load sizes down to the individual item so that we can ensure each customer receives a safe and effective storage system. Our team also provides recommendations on lift trucks that work best with your system.

Drive-In or Drive-Through?

Drive-in pallet racks allow a lift truck operator to access inventory from one side of the system. They will enter the rack space and place pallets at different locations within it. Drive-through racks are different and can be accessed from both sides. A lift truck can drive through the full length of the system to reach pallets that are deeper within the space.

Drive In and Drive Through Rack FAQs

Q. What’s the difference between drive-in and drive-through rack?
A. They are essentially the same, except drive-through rack allows picking on both the front and back of the system. Therefore, drive-through rack allows for first in, first out (FIFO) picking, while drive-in rack is strictly last in, first out (LIFO).

Q. What are the benefits of drive-in racking?
A. The major benefit of drive-in racking is the large amount of increased storage capacity, since there are fewer aisles than a traditional selective rack system. Drive-in rack system depths are almost unlimited, so we can customize the configuration to maximize product capacity to your facility.

Q. Will drive-in rack work for my business?
A. A drive-in racking system is a last in, first out (LIFO) configuration. Pallets are loaded and unload from the front position of the rack. The pallets are buried, so the first pallets in can’t be accessed without unloading the entire lane of rack. Drive-in is great for companies that may receive truckloads of the same material and ship it out in large quantities.

Q. What type of application is best for drive-in rack?
A. Drive-in is often used in a cooler or freezer storage application. This type of system is perfect for companies that have some year round high volume SKU’s or for seasonal SKU’s that flow quickly from inventory.

Q. Is used drive-in rack available?
A. Yes, we have used material in stock and can also recondition used material to meet your requirements. New drive-in rack shipped from the factory to the jobsite is also available.


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