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New and Used Rack Backs and Safety Netting

Make your investment in a quality pallet rack system last with rack backs and safety netting. You can have the strongest supporting rack system in place and still risk damage and injury from falling products without a barrier to protect your inventory. Rack backs are rigid, mesh panels that prevent items from falling out of a rack system from sections that are not normally accessed. Safety netting is an affordable way to keep your product where it belongs in high traffic areas.

Safety netting for pallet racks is designed with security and strength in mind. With an industrial strength load bearing capacity, these mesh nets are highly breathable, allow for product visibility, and can be used to hold back a number of different products. When you install safety netting, boxes, pallets, and other stacked materials remain in their bay until needed.

A single accident from improperly placed product or seismic activity could cost your company thousands of dollars. Protect your employees from injury and your product from damage by investing in cost-effective safety netting. Avoid unnecessary lawsuits and insurance claims with rack backs and safety netting solutions from Warehouse1.

Rack Backs & Safety Netting FAQs

Q. Why do I need rack backs or safety netting?
A. These products are a great option to prevent material from falling off racks, which increases employee safety and decreases inventory damage. We can help you select the right product for your specific application.

Q. What areas of my warehouse would I use these type of products?
A. Rack backs and safety netting are commonly used on the backside of racks in areas along main walkways. In most cases, these products are installed from the floor to above the highest point of material storage. If you have a hand pick application at floor level with storage above, these products can be designed to start above the picking area to protect employees from falling material from above.

Q. Are these products difficult to install?
A. Rack backs and safety netting are relatively easy to install. The netting is made of nylon and can be manufactured to fit your specific rack application, so there is no cutting involved. The parts for installation of the netting will depend on the particular weight and storage methods that you use. Wire reinforcement may be needed for some designs. Rack backs are made of wire panels. These panels are designed with a flush or offset bracket mounting kit that will attach to a beam, wire deck, or upright depending on the product manufacturer.


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