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Pallet Rack Accessories

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Safety J-Locks for Pallet Rack Beams

Item #: 107331

43,814 in stock KC

Price: $1.39

Pallet Rack New
Pallet Rack Used
Used Speedrack Beam 4" Connector Clip

Item #: 104684

12,920 in stock KC

Price: $2.24

Pallet Rack Used
44" Used Pallet Support - Roll-In

Item #: 140193

11,526 in stock KC

Price: $4.98

Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
Safety Clips for Teardrop Beams

Item #: 111454

5,105 in stock KC

Price: $1.19

Pallet Rack New
Used Speedrack Beam 6" Connector Clip

Item #: 150102

2,586 in stock KC

Price: $4.54

Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
42" Used Pallet Support - Roll-In

Item #: 140544

2,274 in stock KC

Price: $6.98

Pallet Rack Used
Safety Clips for Speedrack Beams

Item #: 160205

1,584 in stock KC

Price: $0.39

Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
48" Used Pallet Support - 3/4" Step

Item #: 161417

1,008 in stock KC

Price: $5.52

Pallet Rack Used
96" Hybrid Backstop Beam

Item #: 220110

1,003 in stock KC

Price: $29.98

Pallet Rack Used
2000 lbs. WH1 Max-Capacity Label

Item #: 160145

948 in stock KC

Price: $1.19

Pallet Rack New
Pallet Rack Used

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Pallet Rack Accessories

New and Used Pallet Rack Accessories

At Warehouse1, we value safety and efficiency when it comes to warehousing solutions for storage. Customizing pallet rack systems with a full line of accessories allows us to provide everything our customers need in a system. Whether you’re ready to retrofit a current system or you’re looking for increased safety, support, or functionality, we have an accessory to optimize your system.

Consider these accessory solutions as an inexpensive investment in your warehousing system that could save your company thousands of dollars by avoiding potential lawsuits.

Featured Accessories

If you need to update your current system, replace a part, or add safety accessories, we’ve got high quality material at the right price. We always offer quantity discounts, so you receive the best value possible when you choose to work with us.

Pallet Rack Accessories FAQs

Q. What pallet rack accessories do you recommend?
A. We highly recommend rack protection to help guard against forklift damage to your uprights. We carry in-stock several types of column guards to protect the front of your uprights and end-of-aisle guards to protect the sides of your uprights from forklift operators who like to take short cuts.

Q. What accessories should I order with my uprights and beams?
A. Don’t forget to order wire decks or pallet supports to help stabilize your load on each beam level. If you are installing pallet rack back to back, make sure to include row spacers to connect the uprights to help stabilize and create a uniformly spaced row. Another popular accessory these days is capacity labels. In many jurisdictions these are a mandatory safety measure so employees don’t overload a beam level or bay of pallet rack.

Q. What accessories do I need when installing my pallet rack?
A. We recommend that you purchase floor shims to be placed under the upright footplate. Floor shims level the bay in areas where the floor may have a low spot. You will also need anchors to secure the uprights to the floor. The standard anchor is a 4 1/2” x 1/2” and one anchor should be installed per footplate in most cases.


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