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Row Spacers for Pallet Racking

Use bolted, in-row spacers between your upright pallet racks to create consistent rack spacing and prevent unwanted traffic in unauthorized spaces. These rigid spacers not only create a uniform look in your warehouse environment, they also provide stability to your rows of pallet racks for overall safety.

Make sure that your employees and inventory are protected at work by installing row spacers in between sections of shelving. Depending on your space, you may even be required by regulation to use row spacers for added safety.

Row Spacers FAQs

Q. Why do I need row spacers if my rack is anchored to the ground?
A. Row spacers create consistent spacing for back to back racking and also provide greater stability to the system and all-around safer work environment.

Q. What size row spacers should I use?
A. This really depends on your application, desired aisle widths, and building columns in the racks area. The most popular sizes are 8”, 12”, and 18”, but other sizes are available to create the spacing that works best for you. The design of your space is very important, we can help you maximize your layout with back to back racking using the proper size row spacers for your application.

Q. How many row spacers do I need?
A. This will depend on your specific application and height of the system. We normally recommend the lowest row spacer be installed at least 60” off the floor and the highest row spacer near the top upright horizontal. Intermediate row spacers can be installed as needed. One of our in-house design experts can help guide you to the proper count.


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