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Warehouse Pallet Racking Beams - New & Used

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Pallet Rack Used
96" x 4" Used T-Bolt Beam

Item #: 106783

3,969 in stock KC

Price: $23.98

Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack New
Pallet Rack New
Pallet Rack Used
96" x 4" Used T-Bolt Beam

Item #: 190629

1,943 in stock KC

Price: $23.98

Pallet Rack Used
Pallet Rack Used
96 3/8" x 3 1/2" Used Ridg-U-Rak Beam

Item #: 107324

1,892 in stock KC

Price: $19.98

Pallet Rack Used

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Pallet Rack Beams for Warehouses

Warehouse beams allow for efficient pallet rack systems - the ideal storage solution for bulk product containment. Simply connect the beams to pallet rack uprights to maximize space! Capacities for pallet rack beams are given per pair. Pallet rack beams are available in many sizes and styles all depending on the material that you are storing on them. The length and the width of the beams are dependent on the capacity that you need from them.

Teardrop Pallet Rack Compatibility - Working with "new" vs "old" style Teardrop Pallet Racking Beams can be confusing. All of our "new" Teardrop Pallet Rack Beams are compatible with most new and used teardrop uprights, but if you are considering one of our "Used" beams, make sure to remember these compatibility guidelines:

Old Style Teardrop Beams + New Style Teardrop Uprights = NO
Old Style Teardrop Beams + Old Style Teardrop Uprights = YES
New Style Teardrop Beams + New Style Teardrop Uprights = YES
New Style Teardrop Beams + Old Style Teardrop Uprights = YES


Q. Is the capacity rating shown on a pallet rack beam product page the capacity for one beam?
A. No, the capacity rating is based on one pair of beams to create a shelf level.

Q. How does the face size of the beam effect the capacity?
A. In general, when comparing beams of the same steel gauge, the larger the face size of the beam, the greater the load capacity.

Q. What capacity beams should I buy?
A. Choosing the correct capacity depends on your application and maximum pallet or box weights. The most popular beam sold is a 96” L x 4” face with 5000 lb. capacity per shelf level. This beam spec would allow you to store two pallets of up to 2500 lbs. each on one shelf level. If you have lighter-weight pallets or you hand load material, we have lower capacity beams that can save you space and money. One of our in-house experts can help guide you in the proper beam selection.

Q. Can I install several different beam size faces in the same bay of pallet rack?
A. Yes, many clients choose to install a smaller face size, lower capacity beam for hand picking on the lower levels and a higher capacity beam above for pallet storage.

Q. What is a full step beam vs. a ledge step beam?
A. A full step beam is the standard and has a step with 1 5/8" height that holds wire deck with channels with 1 5/8" height or pallet supports with 1 5/8" height. A ledge step beam has a step with 3/4" height that will not work with standard 1 5/8" wire deck channels or pallet supports.


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