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Keystone Pallet Rack

New and Used Keystone Pallet Rack

Sometimes referred to as republic pallet rack, keystone pallet rack is named for the shape of the holes in its uprights. The system’s beam clip hooks have square rather than round tops for additional strength and safety. This type of pallet rack was once much more common, but it is still widely used in the industry. If your company currently has a keystone/republic system or you need a strong strength-to-weight ratio, this solution may work best for you.

In a keystone system, the columns feature solid corners, and keystone clips are inserted into the areas of least stress so that the system can bear a high load capacity. The unique design decreases the overall amount of stress on a pallet system and protects against injury and product damage because if torn metal. A keystone pallet rack also uses U-shaped braces in a Z-pattern to add increased strength.

Warehouse1 Buys/Sells Keystone Pallet Racks

If your warehouse previously used keystone pallet racks, and you’re ready to make a change to a different system for your current needs, don’t scrap your current system. At Warehouse1, we deal in both new and used materials. Let us purchase your current equipment for cash. We can even buy an entire warehouse including the real estate so that you can move on or start over with a system that better suits your needs.

Warehouse1 is an end-to-end materials handling company. Whatever need, question, or request you have in the industry, we can help. From replacing accessories and structural pieces in your current keystone pallet rack or installing a new one to designing a full warehouse for your company, we do it all. Get started today with a free consultation and quote. Talk to our professionals at 888-558-1830. When you choose to work with Warehouse1, you can count on quality.


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