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Increase your order picking efficiency by mobilizing your operation. Decrease your order picking times by mobilizing your operation with service carts, hand trucks and platform trucks. Handle drums with ease with drum trucks and drum dollies.

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Carts & Trucks FAQs

Q. How do I select the correct size platform truck?
A. We try to take some of the guessing out of the decision process by stocking several of the most popular sizes: 24” wide by 48” long and 30” wide by 60” long. We can also order other sizes and capacities to meet your needs.

Q. What type of cart should I buy for my business?
A. We offer a wide range of different types and sizes of carts depending on your specific application. We also sell carts for all aspects of your business from the maintenance department to the mail room, shipping, receiving, and order fulfillment just to name a few.

Q. What picking cart should I buy?
A. The cart you buy will be determined by a number of factors such as the width of your pick aisles, the number of orders that will be picked per cart, the size of the material that will be picked, the flow of the material from picking to packaging and shipping.

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