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New and Used Mezzanines

Create additional storage space and avoid costly facility expansion or relocation. Mezzanines, also known as storage mezzanines, are raised floors or platforms constructed in warehouse and distribution facilities to expand storage space. By providing two or more platform levels, steel mezzanines utilize previously unused vertical space in facilities.

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Mezzanine FAQs

Q. What type of mezzanine framing do I need?
A. Warehouse1 will provide you with the most cost-effective framing system based on your specific project needs. Some of the most popular framing that we use are C-Section, Beam and C-Section, Beam and Beam, Beam and Bar Joist, and Bar Joist and Girder Joist. Our in-house design experts are here to guide you to the best possible solution.

Q. Do I need special footings for my mezzanine?
A. We do not determine if the existing slab can carry the loads needed for a new mezzanine or if new footings are required. We can assist the process by getting the loading information to an engineer of your choice for review.

Q. How do you figure out the right decking for a mezzanine or platform?

Q. How do you figure out the right decking for a mezzanine or platform?
A. Several decking options can be used for different applications:
Resin Deck offers various panels that handle different capacities and finishes that will help add durability to the decking. The solid floor is installed over metal B-deck and is usually the most economical decking choice.
Bar Grating offers strength and reliability with the advantage of allowing light and air to pass through. You need to consider if any rolling stock will be used, since it will add more resistance to pallet jacks and carts.
Floor Plate and Diamond Plate offers an outstanding combination of durability and safety. As a steel product, these plates can withstand constant travel of pallet jacks and carts with little resistance. Floor plate decking is available in many styles and capacities to fit your specific needs.

Our in-house design experts can help walk you through the key questions you should ask yourself to determine the best decking for your application:
1. How is the structure being used?
2. What is going on top?
3. How is the material being moved or stored?
4. Is it a wet environment?
5. Is there an office being built on top?
6. Are there any budget concerns?

Q. What does PSF mean?
A. PSF is the abbreviation for pounds per square foot and is used as the design load or uniform load for mezzanines and other steel structures. Generally the minimum design load for mezzanines is 125 PSF but we can design for loads much higher than 125 PSF if needed.

The design load in PSF is an average loading over the entire deck surface, rather than a heavy point load in one area only. Understanding the difference between a design load and a point load is critical to a safe design.

Q. What is the minimum clear height under my mezzanine?
A. The minimum clear height under a mezzanine is usually 7'0". It is the same minimum clear height required from the top of mezzanine deck to the ceiling above. Keep in mind that the clear heights may be impacted by lighting, sprinklers, or other obstructions that many jurisdictions evaluate differently.

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