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New and Used Pallet Support Accessories

Pallet supports are a must-have solution for pallets that are not deep enough for your current pallet rack setup. Placing a pallet that doesn’t fit properly puts your employees and product safety at risk. Since the risk is easily mitigated, it makes sense to invest in pallet rack supports for unusually sized products. Make sure that you protect your investment in a pallet rack system by choosing pallet supports at low prices from Warehouse1.

Often used in place of wire decking, pallet support solutions fit directly on a beam for added security. Pallet supports add greater flexibility to your vertical pallet rack system so that you can accommodate pallets and products that vary extensively in size. Beam pallet supports are also one of the most economical solutions you will find on the market.

Warehouse1 Pallet Support Offerings

When you come to Warehouse1 looking for pallet supports, you will discover we have different styles of supports to accommodate a wider range of needs. We offer a double waterfall and hat channel pallet rack support system. The double waterfall supports are installed on top of the horizontal support beam and wrap over it like a waterfall. This takes advantage of the beam’s strength and support without adding extra bulk to the setup. The hat channel support rests on the step of the beam, not on top, and is adequate support for most standard pallet sizes.

Pallet Supports FAQs

Q. Why would I use pallets supports instead of wire decking?
A. Both products are very popular, so it really depends on your application. You need 4 pallet supports or 2 wire decks to cover the same size area. In general, the material cost for 4 supports is less than 2 wire decks. But the install cost is more for the supports because they get bolted, screwed, or rotated into place and the wire decks simply drop in.

Q. What capacity are pallet supports?
Supports for roll form rack are similar to wire deck. They are meant to be a safety feature in case a pallet is not loaded correctly. The supports are not meant to be point loaded with material. Loads should be evenly distributed across the beams to support the pallet weight. Structural pallet supports actually can add capacity to the beam levels because the bolted connection ties the bay together and creates greater capacity.


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