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Pallet Rack Column Guards

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48" End of Aisle Protector- Left

Item #: 190065

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Price: $149.98

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48" End of Aisle Protector- Right

Item #: 190064

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Price: $149.98

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New and Used Column Guards and Protectors

Prevent damage to your pallet rack from forklifts and other lift equipment. Column guards, also known as column protectors or post protectors, prolong the life of your rack by providing steel reinforced protection at the base of the upright. Column guards are available in bolt-to-column and bolt-to-floor styles and in various heights.

In a warehouse environment, forklift mishaps are inevitable. Over time, bumps and jolts to your pallet rack can compromise the structural integrity of the system and could lead to injury and damaged products. Many warehouses that see both light and heavy traffic rely on column guards or protectors to prevent the occasional run-in from causing structural damage. Column guard solutions are made from heavy-duty steel and are constructed to deflect impact from any large machinery over time. Quick to install and available in a range of sizes, there is a column guard solution for every warehouse need.

Protect Your Inventory Investment Today with Column Guards

At Warehouse1, we always offer quantity discounts. When it comes to items like column guards, many customers buy them in bulk to protect every main thoroughfare and entrance bay in a warehouse facility. Even if you have a unique configuration or challenge in your warehouse, our team of experts will manufacture column protectors to create a custom solution for your company. Let us know what your storage solution looks like, and we will come back with a protective design that protects your equipment and pallet racks from damage.

Our traditional column guards bolt into the floor for security and skirts the bottom of your columns with a triangular protrusion designed to deflect impact from hand trucks, large carts, and forklifts. When you invest in a pallet system, the right accessories act as an insurance policy against future damage. Make sure that your warehouse is adequately protected so you can enjoy your pallet rack solution for years to come.

Column Guards FAQs

Q. What size column guards should I buy?
A. There are a few things to consider before you order floor mounted column guards. You’ll need to know what level your first rack beam will be set at. The column guards need to be shorter in height than the first beam level. Standard heights are 12”, 18”, and 24”, but we also carry a 4” guard to accommodate a first beam level set at 6”. You will want to measure the out-to-out of the footplate on your upright. It may extend past the upright column, so you can’t order a guard with a 3” open to fit a 3” column. You will probably need closer to a 4” opening.

Q. What column guards should I use if I have an oversized or seismic footplate?
A. Depending on the size of the footplate, we may be able to offer a floor mounted column guard, but it will take up some additional space of the bay. You’ll want to consider a column mounted guard that bolts to the column. It will not provide as much protection, but it will help deflect some of the damage.

Q. What is the difference between the column guards and the end guards?
A. Floor mounted or column mounted guards are recommended for every column or at least those in high traffic areas. We recommend end of aisle guards to be used at the end of rows to protect the sides of the upright frames. Some forklift operators like to stage material at the end of these rows and quite often pallets will be pushed into the side of the uprights causing damage.


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