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New and Used Shelving Systems

Stack and store your inventory on the classic storage system: shelving. Shelving systems come in a variety of designs and store a variety of materials. Industrial shelving, rivet shelving, and wide span stores standard products and boxes. Bin shelving, modular drawer shelving, and tire rack stores parts and tools. Mobile aisle shelving is for high density storage.

Purchasing Used Shelving can lead to savings of up to 40% when compared to purchasing New Shelving. While buying used can save on costs, always make sure you have an accurate description of what you’re purchasing. Some tips for purchasing Used include: Always inspect a used product in person when possible, if you can’t inspect it ask for photos, research the company’s reliability. Our knowledgeable staff is capable of answering anything you can think of. In addition to Used Shelving, ask our staff about Refurbished Shelving.

New and Used Shelving FAQs

Q. What are the most common types of shelving?           
A. Boltless shelving, metal industrial shelving, and widespan shelving are the most common types of shelving that you will see in a commercial or industrial setting. Warehouse1 can help guide you to best selection based on your needs.

Q. How do I choose the right shelving system?
A. Boltless shelving, also referred to as rivet shelving, is assembled without using any screws or nuts and bolts. Rivet shelving is generally sold with a particle board or wire decking as the shelf level and is configured open on both sides, allowing the user to access material from either side.

Metal industrial shelving, also called clip shelving, can be configured with closed metal backs and sides or as an open concept. Open shelving requires metal sway bracing on the back side of the shelving to stabilize unit so users can only pick from one side. This type of shelving is configured in back to back runs in many cases.

Widespan shelving can be described as a lightweight version of pallet rack but meant for hand stacking material. This type of shelving is generally sold with a wood or wire decking shelf level.

Q. What are the most common shelving sizes?
A. The most common height of shelving sold is 6’ to 10’ but some customers choose to go even taller and pick material using a rolling stock ladder or an upper catwalk system. The most popular widths of boltless and metal shelving range from 36” to 48” and widespan is 72” to 96”. Common depths for shelving are 12” to 24” and for widespan are 24” to 48”.

Q. What is mobile aisle shelving?
A. Mobile aisle shelving, like its name implies, is a shelving that is mounted onto a track system. The shelving can be cranked out or in to allow for dense storage in a small space. This type of system is excellent for file or small parts storage.


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