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12 Steps to Improve Supply Room Organization & Efficiency

A well-organized supply room is critical to improve the efficiency of your operation. By using these simple steps that utilize material handling equipment, you can get started immediately on a plan!

Wire shelves with plastic bins in an organized supply room.


  1. Appoint a team of 3 to 5 diverse members to work on the project.
  2. Assess your current room set-up and examine the need for a color coded stackable plastic bins system.
  3. Sort the items in your supply room. Determine the appropriate size bin or container for all supplies in the room.
  4. Measure the supply room and note any special circumstances (pillars and columns, nontraditional room layouts). Review this preferred arrangement with representatives from staffs that use the room.
  5. Determine the optimal date and time for your room reorganization.
  6. Prepare labels or labeling system in advance of the reorganization day.
  7. Place your existing and new shelving, and install your louvered panels.
  8. One area at a time, reorganize your supply room.
  9. Speak to staff members who use the room about the new layout.
  10. Survey staff members on the effectiveness of the new program, and make any final adjustments needed.
  11. Make sure a 5S Lean schedule and checklist are clearly posted and followed daily.
  12. Create a plan to convert any remaining supply rooms in your facility.

Akro-Mils has room reorganization planning guides and bin color code charts available. Ask us for more information! Bart Eggert is Product Line Manager for Akro-Mils, a North American leader in storage, organization and transport products. For more information on Akro-Mils' full line of products, visit www.akro-mils.com.

By Gary Selvera On January 29, 2014


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