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Distribution Center Equipment


Distribution centers throughout the country rely on pallet rack and complementary items to function as efficiently as possible. There are a large number of benefits that come with properly setting up your distribution center including: optimized space utilization and facility flow, increased inventory turnover, timely shipping and accuracy, order consolidation, reduction in product damage, and safety improvements.


Pallet Racks:

pallet-rackImprove your profitability by effectively controlling the storage and distribution of your palletized inventory by choosing the pallet rack system that matches your needs. Throughout the country, and the world, Pallet Racking is the most utilized equipment for pallet storage. Choose from a variety of configurations such as push back rack, carton flow rack, pallet flow rack, drive-in rack and drive-through rack in addition to easily customizable selective pallet rack. Ask about purchasing used pallet rack for quality product at a reduced price.


3-wheel-forklifts-largeForklifts provide maneuverability and speed when moving palletized inventory around your distribution center. The productivity of forklifts is unmatched by any other lift equipment available and creates an efficient atmosphere that increases profitability.

Gravity Flow:

gravity-flow-shelvingGravity Flow Rack provides an environment that allows stocking and picking to thrive. The separation between stockers and pickers leads to a variety of benefits including: More Accurate Picking, Greater Number of Facings, Minimal Travel with Easy Reach, and Increased Productivity and Workflow. When compared to static pallet rack, Gravity Flow can provide up to 150% more storage space.

Save With Used

Warehouse1 wants to help you cut costs and make your company as profitable as possible.  A great way to achieve that goal is purchasing used material handling products.  Buying used inventory can save you up to 60% on individual items, and those savings add up when piecing together a full warehouse/distribution center/manufacturing facillity.  Also look into our Equipment Buy Back Guarantee and discover how we help companies grow by reducing the cost of expansion.


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