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Marijuana and Hemp Grow Room Supplies and Equipment

When it comes to your marijuana or hemp grow room setup, organization is key. From layout to supplies, it’s essential to build your space with your specific business needs in mind.

That’s where Warehouse1 comes in. Our team has the expertise to ensure you have the best grow room setup. We consult on layout design for commercial / large-scale grow warehouses. We also provide a confidentiality agreement to keep your business secrets safe.

Employee checks cannabis plants.

From the location phase to storage optimization, we’ll ensure your grow house runs smoothly and efficiently. In addition, we have a wide range of products specifically for your grow room warehouse needs.


Indoor Grow Room Supplies at Warehouse1

The proper equipment and storage solutions sets your marijuana or hemp business up for long-term success. Here’s what we offer:



Wire Racking and Utility Carts

Mobile wire racking is a flexible storage solution for seedling propagation. wire-shelvingWe offer a variety of utility carts that can be utilized for this purpose, including stainless steel options. They include casters with breaks, so you can adapt and move the seedlings as needed.


Trimming Tables and Storage

You’ll want to ensure your team has the space and equipment they need forwork-tables trimming plants. Trimming stations should include sturdy work tables and easy access to the necessary tools and equipment. At Warehouse1, we offer mobile workstations as well as stationary work tables, so you can find the right product for your business needs.


Drying Trays and Racks

Drying trays and racks for cannabisUse high-quality trays and racks to dry your plants. We offer stainless steel wire drying trays and hanging racks. The trays have perforated bottoms so moisture can drip through them, and all of these products can be easily washed. None of the products use galvanized wire.


Vertical Racking and Mobile Shelving

Movile racking for cannabis storage.For long-term storage of your plants and equipment, vertical racking is the best solution. Warehouse1 vertical racks are sturdy and provide openings for adequate lighting and ventilation.

For more flexibility, opt for our mobile aisle shelving. Especially good for smaller grow room operations, mobile shelves can save up to 50% of your storage space. By turning a handle, you can open up the shelving to access the items you need.


Not sure what you need? Read our comprehensive Grow Room Supply List & Guide or contact Warehouse1 for help. Whether you’re a small grow tent business that needs the right storage products or a commercial grow room operation that needs layout design guidance, we’re here to help.


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