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Almost every piece of the education puzzle comes with the need for storage. Each classroom or administration office you walk into will have something from art supplies to student records that need to be efficiently stored with the limited space that is provided. Warehouse1 can supply educators with cost effective solutions to your storage needs.


school-lockersSchool Lockers provide a safe storage place for students or faculty to keep their belongings while in class. Athletic Lockers are also available for athletic locker rooms and PE changing rooms. Warehouse1 also provides locker room benches and customized lock configurations for your lockers.


boltless-rivet-shelvingMost courses taught require materials that need to be efficiently stored in small classroom spaces. Warehouse1 has the shelving you need for that application as well as: Libraries, Admin Offices, Janitorial Areas, Nurses Office, Food Service, Athletic Storage, Arts and Crafts, Science Labs and Industrial Arts buildings.

Security Cages:

security-cagesWith the introduction of expensive new teaching technology and materials, Security Cages can provide customized safe keeping to prevent damage and theft. Security Cages can be fit to the space you have and have the option of a roof for open areas.

Save With Used

Warehouse1 wants to help you cut costs and make your company as profitable as possible.  A great way to achieve that goal is purchasing used material handling products.  Buying used inventory can save you up to 60% on individual items, and those savings add up when piecing together a full warehouse/distribution center/manufacturing facility.  Also look into our Equipment Buy Back Guarantee and discover how we help companies grow by reducing the cost of expansion.


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