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18” Dia. Wide-Angle Convex Plexiglas Acrylic Mirrors

18” Dia. Wide-Angle Convex Plexiglas Acrylic Mirrors


18 inch dia. SEE ALL Plexiglas Acrylic Mirror with Stainless Steel Backing prevents accidents and increases surveillance with a wide, 160 angle mirror. Mirror is designed specifically for use outdoors. Durable stainless steel back will not rust or corrode, even in salty air. Virtually unbreakable Plexiglas acrylic mirror offers superior reflectivity for a sharper, brighter image. Wide angle allows for a crisp view around obstacles. Also feature expertly engineered curves to eliminate distortion and long lasting sturdy construction for a better fit and finish. Includes mounting hardware.

  • Size: 18" Diameter
  • Mirror Material Plexiglas Acrylic
  • Visibility 160 Angle
  • Outdoor mirror features waterproof rubber seals, h
  • Non stock item. Ships from factory. Freight charges apply.
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Product Details

Item: 1384500P
Condition: New
Style: Convex Mirrors
Size: 18.00"L x 7.00"W x 20.00"H
Weight: 7.00 LBS.
Color: Gray
Material Type: Acrylic
Mfg: See All
Mfg Part #: PLXO18SSB
Lead time to ship: 7-14 Days from Factory

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